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Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes

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Tagline: A Journey of Magic, Friendship and Courage.
Starring: Roddy Piper, Dalton Mugridge, Ciara O'Hanlon, Christopher Fazio
Genre: Kids /Adventure
Released: Summer 2009
Media: TV DVD
Description: Billy (Dalton Mugridge) and his friends Devon (Christopher Fazio), Mandy (Ciara O'Hanlon) and new friend Danny (Mikayla Ottonello) are still learning about their newfound powers when their evil professor Mould (Paul Germs) and his sidekick Kurt (Jordan Goulet) use the children to trap their teacher's soul (Roddy Piper) in a magical amulet. Legend says that inserting the empowered amulet into a cursed sceptre will unlock the vast powers and unworldly treasures of the evil Viking god Loki. After solving the mystery of the ancient runic symbols and recovering the cursed scepter from a subterranean labyrinth, the four kids are pursued by the dark wizard as they battle trolls and magical beasts to reach the one place where their mentor's soul might be released from its imprisonment. Their adventure teaches them about the power of friendship and teamwork and they ultimately decide to sacrifice their own individual powers to free their teacher and release the source of the sceptre's power… a thousand Viking souls held captive for centuries.
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Distribution Partners: ArtistView Entertainment (LA), MTI Home Video (Florida/Calgary)